La Fontaine Bleue in Baltimore

7514 S. Ritchie Highway Glen Burnie, MD 21061 P (410)-760-4115

Load In & Set-up Tuesday, March 19, 2-5pm

If you cannot make this set-up time let us know ASAP so we can help make other arrangements for you, however, we will not be able to provide special assistance.

To unload...go around bring items through the front doors.

Check-in at our Registration Table for badges and assistance with a table selection.


You can make arrangements with La Fontaine Bleue in Baltimore

Exhibit Space & Internet

  • Space assignments are firstcome-firstserved.... This is a tabletoptradeshow. 

Please arrive early for the best choice.. especially if you have larger displays.

  • A 6' Dressed Table w/ 2 chairs will beprovided.

You may use your space in various ways:

>   Table in front with or without Backdrop/Display (sit/stand behindtable)

>   Table in back with or without Backdrop/Display (stand infront)

>   Backdrop/Display with NO TABLE (stand infront)

There is only one strict rule: If you have a deep-frame backdrop or one that is too big for the space or that may interfere with your neighbors or foot traffic, please address it in favor of your neighbors and foot traffic.

  • Banners and other fabric-based signage may be placed over the table cloth ifdesired.
  • Minimum Area approximately 6'wide x 5'deep (buffer area between spaces varies between 2'-3' each side oftable)
  • Electricity is at a cost of $60 per table. Please sign up for electricity if you have not already doneso.
  • All Internet is via WiFi - This is a government facility and the internet access is provided as a courtesy. Venue bandwidth may not be adequate for speedsyourequire................................................................................... Please bring your

Hot-Spot if robust internet access is vital to your exhibit.

If you have any questions or problems, please speak with us at the registration desk and we fill find a solution.



Lunch Buffet - 11:00AM - 1:30PM in the Backfin Grille located on the first floor

Please note that vendors get 50 percent off on all meal sessions in the Cypress Room. Please refer to the agenda for the keynote addresses and the classroom schedules so that you can attend.

Signup for your discounted meals at Meals

Promo Code:Exhibitor


Exhibitor agrees to set up their own table during scheduled set-up hours the afternoon/evening prior to the event.  Exhibitor agrees to REMAIN SET UP for the entire event unless otherwise stated by TTExpo.  If there is an emergency reason to pack down early, notify TTExpo ASAP.  Teardown will begin at conclusion of the event. Please note that there are breakout

sessions that will conclude at around 3:30 pm. These attendees WANT to tour the tradeshow floor and expect full participation.


If you arrive after 8 am you will forfeit the event or be offered a replacement at our discretion.

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